The Human Resource Management (HRM) is working to ensure productivity of CCDA staff members towards achievement of organizational vision, mission and objectives. HRM functions as per the Human Resource Policy of the organization. The major tasks of the HRM include recruitment, placement, payroll, appraisal, promotion etc. It also looks after the disciplinary aspects of the staff members. HRM has applied another two major roles a) Human Resource Development (HRD) and 2) Administration.

 Human Resource Development (HRD)

The key functions of HRD are to enhance staff performance through orientation, training, and Performance Management System. It designs and implements a variety of interventions for staff members aimed at realizing their potentials and increasing their professional competencies. The training program include participatory management, Credit Management, Financial Control, Accounting Cost Effectiveness, Organizational Development, Organization Management, Operation Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Sustainable Programming, Best Practices and Good Governance. HRD also organizes training on skill development, entrepreneurship, and livelihood options etc. for the beneficiaries.


A full-fledged Administration Division as a backbone of the organization looks after the resources & services as presented below:

Resource: Equipment, Vehicle, Furniture, Fixture, Stationary, Lift, Generator etc. and fixed assets. 

Services: Accommodation, Electricity, Gas, Water, Logistics, Maintenance, Security, Discipline, Utilization of service staff, dispatch, Food, Travel etc. The Administration undertakes the following activities:

  • Procurement (As per manual)

  • Inventory & Assets Management

  • Store Management/Supply Chain Management

  • Vehicle Management

  • Maintenance of services/Logistics like electricity, water, gas, telephone, fax, lift, generator, IPS etc.

  • Food Management (Canteen)

  • Protocol

  • Travel