KGF Program

CCDA has been implementing KGF program since 2011 with assistance through Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) for raise household income, reduce vulnerability, improve food security and provide technical assistance to the targeted population. The main objective of the program to provide demand driven and appropriately timed microcredit and small loan to the people involved in farming and farming related small business and micro enterprises, to provide assistance to the acquisition of knowledge in modern, effective and sustainable technologies, to adopt and practice these technologies to enhance production to ensure food security, to channel the lending initiatives related to production, processing and storage of food into the mainstream program of CCDA, and to create employment opportunities at the grass root level. All regular and prospective members of mainstream micro credit program (Jagoron, Agrosor and Sufolon) of CCDA are eligible to get fund under the program.