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Developing inclusive insurance sector project is a new initiative of CCDA. This is a pilot project and implementing through supported by PKSF. Main activities of the is protect livelihood of the poor household especially of the women’s exposed to different types of risk like accident, illness, theft, natural disaster and to insure their assets and welfare through low cost inclusive insurance services. The aim of the projects is to offer insurance products and services related to life, health and disaster issues to the low income group with minimum documentation procedures. 

The ‘Skills for Employment Investment Program’ (SEIP) is being implemented by Finance Division, Ministry of Finance. The project will support training providers to meet industry skill requirements; finance skills training of 260,000 trainees with 182,000 job placement; implement a vocational trainer development program; and implement a skills assessment, certification and quality assurance system. The project activities cover the whole of Bangladesh through both public and private sector training providers. Date of commencement of the Project was July 2014 and date of completion is December 2017.

CCDA has been implementing the program with associate by Palli Karma-Sohayak Foundation (PKSF) since August 2015. The overall objective of the project is to qualitatively and quantitatively expand the skilling capacity of identified CCDA family members of its working area by establishing and operationalizing a responsive skill eco system and delivery mechanism through a combination of well-defined set of funding triggers and targeted capacity support.

CCDA has been implementing the “Promoting Agricultural Commercialization and Enterprises (PACE) Project” since 2015. The PACE project is adopts a comprehensive approach of combining microenterprise finance and non-financial services through adopting the value chain development methodology. One of the main drivers is development of sustainable services through strengthening local commercial service providers, such as private vaccinators, as appropriate. In addition, PACE program has specialized technical assistance to resolve technological challenges by engaging specialized agencies and individual experts. In some instances, proven technologies disseminated as a part of value chain development and stand lone technologies for microenterprises. Sector specific policy constraints identified, analyzed, documented, disseminated, and lobbied with appropriate authorities for introducing pro-poor policies. CCDA is Implementing agency for the PACE project assistance by PKSF. The ME loan program and value chain development components implementing The PACE project.

The project is instrumental to mainstreaming a value chain approach in CCDA with the aim of scaling-up outreach and impact. Play the role of facilitators and engage private businesses to deliver actual services. The sustainability of value chain development results will depend largely on its effectiveness in facilitating linkages with the target groups and their business partners. Besides, promoting a fee recovery mechanism for technical assistance and business development services will ensure availability of services beyond the project period.