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The most important and largest intervention of CCDA initiated in 1993. Women Development and Micro Credit program is now being operated mainly with the support of Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF). PKSF promotes Microfinance in Bangladesh through wholesaling credit to NGOs/MFIs for retailing to small borrowers, with special focus on savings, credit and income generation activities (IGA)/enterprise development activities. 

Important Features and Achievements of CCDA’s ever expanding Microcredit Program are:

Operation based on tailor-made Micro Credit Guideline, updated from time to time, closely monitored and followed up.

  • Members are encouraged to generate Welfare Fund in addition to normal group savings. Good students of the members’ children are provided with scholarship for further education.
  • 100% loan recovery rate since the start (1993).
  • Seasonal (mostly for farming activities) and livestock related loans are provided, in addition to normal IGA loans.
  • Advanced/potential members are developed as micro entrepreneurs through enterprise/ business promotional supports including development of skill.
  • So far, the program is benefiting more than 1,15,684 members of 6,973 groups. The members have so far generated Taka 105,87,96,641.00 (USD 12,456,431.00 /$1×85) as group savings.
  • End of July-2020 total Loan outstanding is BDT 241,57,34,317.00

CCDA has been implementing the program with associate by Palli Karma-Sohayak Foundation (PKSF) since 2019. The objective of the project to promote development of Microenterprises (MEs) for inclusive economic development and rural poverty reduction. The project expects to support additional 40,000 microentrepreneurs mainly engaged in Manufacturing, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food Processing sectors with special focus on women entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability and social safeguard in country. MDP aims that at least 70% of the additional 40,000 ME borrowers will be women.

CCDA has been implementing the program with associate by Palli Karma-Sohayak Foundation (PKSF) since 2019. The project objective to increase the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices by targeted microenterprises. The first of the three components of SEP will support common services influencing non-revenue-generating physical activities to be environmentally sustainable through enhancing low polluting businesses as well as increased eco-labeling, product certification, brand development and access to premium markets. Besides, organizations’ capacity development and revenue-generating common services are included in this component. The project, through component-2, will be extending financial support for income-generating opportunities to the targeted microenterprises by supporting investment in activities — which are resource-efficient, low polluting, green and resilient through organizations as Agrosor loan. Under the component-3, ensure the project implementation in a timely and effective manner. It also includes activities for organization capacity building, facilitating communication and knowledge management, printing-publications, sub-sector studies, and monitoring and evaluation (M&E).