The Finance & Accounts Division has the prime responsibility to deals with all functions pertaining to Finance and Accounts. The Division plays an important, indeed a central role in the organization to affect organizational efficiency, effectiveness, economy, enhance decision-making capacity and to ensure transparency and accountability. CCDA’s Finance & Accounts Division is involved in four specific, but often interrelated, tasks. Four specific functions are (1) Recording Financial Transaction : ensuring that the organization has an accurate record of its revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities and capital; (2) Strategic Management Accounting : providing information to assist managers and other internal users in their decision – making, performance measurement, planning & control activities and pricing; (3) Financial Reporting : providing information about the organization to external users that is useful to them in making economic decisions and for assessing stewardship of the organization’s management; and (4) Treasury Management: managing the funds of the organization, namely cash and working capital items, plus long-term investments, short-term and long-term debt, equity finance and managing financial risk. The division collects financial information and report from all units of the organization where costs are incurred in order to control and safeguard financial transactions. In all that stages information are maintained in “ACCURATE” (A= Accurate, C=Complete, C=Cost-beneficial, U=User-targeted, R=Relevant, A=Authoritative, T=Timely and E=Easy to use) form.